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ESPR offers several different programs throughout the year for youth and adults. We are always evaluating programs as well to see if there are any new programs that should be added to our offerings. 

Youth Sports


Summer 2023 Registration
March 5th - April 29th
Summer 2023 Game Schedule
May 27th - July 1st

Spring Volleyball

Spring 2023 Registration
January 1st - February 25th
Spring 2023 Game Schedule
March 25th - April 29th


Winter 2022/23 Registration
Winter 2022/23 Game Schedule
January 14th - February 18th

Fall Volleyball

Fall 2023 Registration
May 28th - July 22nd
Fall 2023 Game Schedule
August 19th - September 23rd

Speed & Agility

Registration TBD

Intro to Sports Camp

Registration TBD

Spring Soccer

Spring 2023 RegistrationJanuary 1st - February 25thSpring 2023 Game ScheduleMarch 25th - April 29th

Fall Soccer

Fall 2023 RegistrationMay 28th - July 22ndFall 2023 Game ScheduleAugust 19th - September 23rd

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