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Are you a committed individual that feels stuck, but is open to growth and change? Do you want help creating an action plan that is unique, effective, and enjoyable? Are you looking for lasting results as opposed to a quick fix? I can help! 

Acquire the tools to customize your own individualized plan, foster a healthier relationship with food, and obtain more consistency.

Stephanie Marcum

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

Certified Transformational Macro Coach


Maybe committing to eight weeks is a big step or maybe you already feel confident flying solo and just need a little help getting started. Let's discuss where you are, where you want to go, and the steps to get you there. Perhaps you just need a little education on a specific topic. The options for a one-on-one session are endless!


  • Create a customized plan, void of restriction and tailored to you.

  • Gain goal clarity, education, and application practices.

  • Develop consistency with habits pertaining to health and wellness.

  • Discover tools to help foster a healthier relationship with food and spontaneous events.

  • Receive real-time coaching, feedback, and accountability.

  • Receive one on one bi-weekly coaching via in-person or phone call.

  • Learn how to coach yourself.


816.656.2500 (Ask for Stephanie)

Nutrition Coaching

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Stephanie helped me uncover the "why" behind a lot of my thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back from meeting my health/nutrition/fitness goals. Not only did she help me uncover these beliefs, she taught me strategies to address them and unlearn behaviors that were holding me back. The "a-ha" moments she guided me to were life changing and the strategies she taught me are tools I still use now, even after our coaching sessions have ended. - JESSICA​

I love working with Stephanie! She has helped me to re-discover a healthy perspective on food. I had convinced myself that certain foods were off-limits or “bad.” Stephanie is helping me to see that any food can be part of a healthy diet. I am now eating foods that I had for years convinced myself that I should avoid – bagels, pasta, cereal! I have a big sweet tooth, and Stephanie advised that I don’t have to cut out sweets. She coached me to pick the dessert I would like to have (or even two!) within a day, and then build my plan for the day around that item. That was a game changer for me! I now have dessert
every day, and I am still seeing results! Most importantly, I trust Stephanie. After years of under-feeding myself, the first thing Stephanie did was to increase my caloric intake. I was really nervous about this process, and would never have dreamed about attempting this on my own, but with her guidance, I have lost weight and inches and can see muscle definition that I have never seen before, and I’m almost 50 years old! Stephanie is knowledgeable, understanding and very relatable. I love working with Stephanie and highly recommend her! - LISA

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