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Membership FAQs

What are the age restrictions for the center?

Read the policy HERE

Is there a separate price for non-residents?

The price is the same for Excelsior Springs residents and non-residents.

Can 3 adults be on the same membership?

No, additional adults will have to purchase an individual membership based on their age.

Is there a Senior Couple Membership?

The price for a senior couple is $50. There is not a separate membership type.

How do the monthly membership payments work?

Monthly memberships are automatically drafted out of a bank account or from a credit card. There is not contract but we require a 30-day written notice to cancel.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, check, or cash for the first payment. We will need to collect a credit card, debit card, or voided check for the automatic draft.

When does the membership draft?

The membership will draft the day the member joins. If a member joins on the 3rd of the month they will pay their dues that day and the payments will automatically be deducted on the 3rd of the following month.


I don’t want you to have access to my bank account. Do I have any other options?

Yes, you can purchase a pre-paid Visa card (sold at Walmart) and load money onto the card monthly.

What happens when I age into a new membership package on my birthday?

When you age into a new membership package we will automatically transfer you into the appropriate package the month following your birthday. This may result in your membership fee increasing based on the new package. Children turning 25 will be removed from Family and Single Adult membership packages. 

How do I cancel my membership?

We never want to see a member leave but if they wish to do so we require a 30-day written notice delivered to the front desk in person. 

Do you offer annual memberships?

Yes, you can pay for an annual membership in one payment. For an annual membership you pay for 11 months and get one month free. Ex.: A teen membership is $25 per month or $300 a year, however with a one year commitment annual membership you would pay $275. 

Can I pay 3 or 6 months at a time?

Senior individual’s memberships have the option of paying for a 3-month or 6-month membership. All other membership types must be monthly automatic or annual.

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