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Youth Recreational Soccer

  • The Recreational Soccer League is designed for individual registrations.

  • Volunteers coaches will be allowed up to 3 automatic picks for their team  and the rest of the team is chosen by random draw.

  • Scores are kept throughout a 6 game season.

  • Recreational Soccer is offered in the Spring and Fall. 

Fall 2024 Information:

  • Registration Period

    • May 27th-July 6th

  • League Information

    • Season Begins Week of Aug 17th

  • Registration Fees

    • City Limits- $​50    Outside-$55


Fall League Schedules:

  • U6 Division

  • U8 Division

  • U12 Division


Spring 2024 Information:

  •  Registration Period

    • Jan 1st-Feb 10th

  • Game Information

    • Tentatively begins April 6th

  •  Registration Fees

    • City Limits- $​50    Outside-$55

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