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Home School Programming

Home School PE

Join us for 10 weeks of Physical Education for your home school students! 

Join for all 10 weeks of the program for $70 per student. There is a 10% discount for additional students in the same household. 

Drop in on the weeks you want for $10 per session per student. 

Program can include the following programs

  • Functional Body Movement: includes basic introduction to movements including jumping, landing, pushing, pulling, rolling, twisting, weight transfer/balance, curling and stretching. 

  • Swim Classes including stroke developments and aquatic workouts. 

  • Dance and Aerobics classes.

  • Kicking Sports including but not limited to Soccer and Kickball. 

  • Hand Sports including but not limited to Volleyball, Basketball, Football and Wall Ball

  • Object Striking Sports including but not limited to Baseball, Pickleball, Tennis, Racquetball and Table Tennis. 

Spring Session 2024: 

March 6th-May 8th


Excelsior Springs Community Center

500 Tiger Drive, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

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