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How much does it cost to use child watch? 

Children with memberships are able to use child watch for free. This means they must have their own membership or be included on a family membership. If the child does not have a membership, they can purchase a drop in pass for $5 per day. This is good for the whole day. 

Who is Child Watch available to?
Children between the ages of 12 weeks-8 years of age are welcome and are grouped according to age.

- 12 weeks-2 year olds (Staff/Child Ratio: 1 to 5)
- 3-5 year olds (Staff/Child: 1 to 10)
- 6-8 year olds (Staff/Chil
d Ratio: 1 to 10)

Those parents who have an individual membership may access Child Watch by paying a day pass fee of $8.00 for their child to be in the Child Watch area. Community Participants buying a day pass must purchase a day pass for their child as well. 2-hour time limit.  Parents MUST stay in the facility while children are in our care.

What if there is an emergency during your stay at the Excelsior Springs Community Center (i.e. tornadoes, fire, etc.)?

Please allow the Child Watch staff to transport the children to their designated area during the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).  Child Watch staff will take the sign-in books to the designated area of refuge and when given the clear to exit, parents at that point may sign their children out of our care. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE CHILDREN WHILE AN EAP IS IN ACTION.  Games and activities are provided for children to keep their attention off of the emergency.


What are the guidelines for children who are sick?

It is the policy of the Excelsior Springs Community Center that any and all children who have the following conditions MUST remain at home in order to prevent the spread of the illness:-Temperature of 100 degrees or greater-Sore throat with fever, vomiting or diarrhea; impetigo or any other rash with fever-Pink eye, earaches with fever, or head lice-Runny nose (if mucus is discolored or cloudy—indicates infection)-Chicken pox, poison ivy, or any other communicable disease or rash. We ask that parents respect these guidelines and keep children home when experiencing any type of illnesses.  In the case of an illness breakout in Child Watch, the department Director will post signage that indicates the children have been exposed to an illness. The Child Watch area will temporarily close for a thorough cleaning to eliminate contamination.

What happens when children have behavior issues during their stay?

Staff will separate the child from the group and redirect their behavior. Staff will talk with the child and explain why the choice they made was not a positive one. Child Watch staff and the child will then talk about how the child may make better choices in the future.  If behavior continues, parents are called to the Child Watch area to visit with the Department Director on how to resolve the behavior issue.  If behavior progresses to a dangerous level and the safety of other children are placed in jeopardy, the child will be removed from Child Watch. Together, the Director and parent will determine when it would be appropriate for the child to return.

What food or drink can I provide for my kids while they are in the Child Watch area?

You may bring into the Child Center a labeled "sippy" cup with water only, or for an infant, a bottle with milk or premixed with formula. The bottle must be clearly labeled with your child's name. We will not mix formula for bottles. You may not bring juice, milk, soda, snacks, candy, gum or any other food into Child Watch.

What about inclement weather?

In the case of inclement weather, the Excelsior Springs Community Center will remain open for business. In the case of extreme weather, the Center Director will make a decision on whether or not to keep the facility open for business.

Who is here to answer any questions you might have?

The entire Excelsior Springs Community Center staff. All employees are here to assist you and are more than happy to meet your needs.

Child Watch FAQs

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