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Parenting Resources

The Parent-Child Group is a 4-week program for parents to interact with one another while their children play in a space designed specifically for them. During this group, parents will be guided through a different topic each week (Understanding Your Child’s Developmental Stage, Observation, Communication, Boundary Setting and “Yes Spaces”). The goal of this program is to help parents guide more positive interactions with their children through their everyday encounters, whether it be feeding times, diaper changes or drop . 


My approach stems from the principles of RIE. It is a respect based approach that focuses on understanding your child and yourself better. In using these principals as a guide, parents are able to help their children become confident, aware and active participants in the world around them. My hope is that parents walk away from this experience with the tools they need to build a successful and enjoyable relationship with their children regardless of the stage of life they are experiencing.

Parent-Child Group Flyer (Saturdays).png
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